OFW in Jordan Rescued: Her Body is Full of Scars and Wounds

The OFW in Jordan suffered from severe physical abuse. [Image Credit: GMA News]

This year, we were shocked to know that there are Overseas Filipino Workers who were physically abused by their employers. There were several OFWs who were crying for help and justice through several viral videos and social media posts.

Hidden Baggage

Another OFW in Jordan is crying for help and justice after the abuse she got from her previous employer. The number of wounds and scars in her body were the things she took home after going back to the Philippines.

Based on the interview conducted by GMA News Online, an OFW named Victoria Perdagorda, 43-years old, and was working in Jordan, didn’t think she can still go home alive.

According to Perdagorda, she was physically abused by her female employer for one year. She did not inform her family about it since she needs to earn money to put food on the table.

Started in 2015

Perdagorda started working as a domestic helper in 2015. According to her, her relationship with her employer was very nice during the start and she was treated properly.

However, after several months, the female employer started to abuse her physically. A metal stick was used to hit her and there were instances wherein boiling water was poured on her body.

Una pasampal-sampal muna, paduro-duro, mga mangangalahating taon na ‘yan na, nag-umpisa na sa bakal. Yung wire na pang antena hinahampas sa likod ko, tapos hanger na bakal ihahamapas sa ulo, sa likod ko hanggang sa dumugo

Perdagorda tried asking for help, but her employer took her cellphone. She also pleaded to be released several times, but her employer threatened her that she will be put in jail.

The dreaded day came and when her female employer abused her again, she passed out. During this time, the male employer came back and was the one who rescued her. The male employer was also the one who brought the ticket back to the Philippines.

The case was already filed with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, who promised to help with her medication. The recruitment agency who sent Perdagorda to Jordan is now unreachable and no longer operating.

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