OFW in the US scammed by online Filipina girlfriend

Despite the many cases of money laundering, scamming, and other forms of online fraud that involves money, many people still fall in this trap. If you ask them why and how, they will reply they fell in love and trusted. Indeed, love makes you do stupid and crazy things, huh! When you love, you are compelled to do even the most impossible thing! Uh, really! Even if it means sending money to someone you have not met personally who in the end will just deceive and scam you.

This is the story of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who lives in Arizona.  She is a Aldin Alcantara, a self-confessed lesbian who hails from Aklan.  She went to Raffy Tulfo to ask his help to locate certain “James Anicete” and “Karen Medina” who according to her had scammed her with more or less US$ 9,000 (more or less 500,000 pesos!)

The photo shows “James Anicete”.

Alcantara related that she met “Karen Medina” through “James Anicete” through online.  James Anicete is Alcantara’s friend who is also a lesbian.  According to Alcantara, she and Karen Medina started chatting from September 2018 to February 2019 and within this period they became lovers.  Alcantara called Karen Medina her “girlfriend.”


According to Alcantara’s story, because they are lovers, during those times that Medina was in need of financial assistance because her mother was allegedly sick, she sent her money almost every three weeks.  She remitted the money not directly to Medina but through James Anicete because Medina said during those times she was busy caring for her mother and could not go out to take the money.

Then one day, these two, Anicete and Medina, just disappeared without a trace.  That time Alcantara was wondering and started thinking she was already scammed.

Alcantara recalled that she never met Karen Medina personally.  She just saw her once on a video call though she asked her relatives in Davao to meet her (Karen Medina) and they saw her to be the same person Alcantara saw on the video call and whose photo appears below.

Raffy Tulfo expressed his empathy to Alcantara and promised her to help her locate the two by posting their faces on their Facebook accounts hoping that people will recognize them and report about their whereabouts or they themselves will go to Raffy Tulfo in Action program to clear their names. -LMI

Source:  Raffy Tulfo in Action

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