OFW in Saudi Arabia Shares the Difficult Situation of Another Domestic Helper in the Hands of Her Employers


Filipinos working abroad are living a difficult and tough life abroad. While some people think that they are having a grand life while working overseas, these Overseas Filipino Workers are working hard just to earn a huge amount of cash and to provide for the financial needs of their families back in the Philippines.

Most OFWs do not have a choice but to work abroad due to the lack of job opportunities and small salary rate that most companies are offering in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, some of our fellow countrymen are suffering from the abuse and maltreatment of their foreign employers making their life abroad more difficult.

OFW in Saudi
[Image Credit: Devina Ferolin Laserna / Facebook]

The Difficult Situation of an OFW in Saudi Arabia

Recently, a concerned OFW named Devina Ferolin Laserna decided to turn to Facebook to share the difficult situation of another domestic helper in Saudi Arabia. According to Devina, Sheila Mae Pardo is suffering from the abuse of her employer.

In a Facebook post shared in an OFW page, Devina narrated that Sheila Mae is from New Lucena, Iloilo and is currently serving as a domestic helper or household helper to a family in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, after several months of serving her current employers, she is now crying for help.

According to Sheila, her madame (female employer) is hurting her physically. There are times when she will push her, scratch her back, and worse, she was called as a thief.

[Image Credit: Devina Ferolin Laserna / Facebook]
Sheila is now fearing for her life because she is not sure what her madame will do to her. She might be surrendered to the police and suffer the consequences of being accused of stealing her employer’s properties.

Watch the video and read the story here:

Siya po si SHEILA MAE PARDO.Taga NEW LUCENA ILOILO at kasalukuyang nasa bansang SAUDI. Siya po ay nanawagan ng tulong para sya ay ma rescue sa kanyang mga amo. Sya po ay sinasaktan. Tinulak tulak ,kinalmot sa likod at pinagbintangan na nagnakaw. Takot na takot po sya kasi baka ano pa po ang gawin sa kanya. Mga kaibigan pki share po ito pra mkarating sa kinaukulan at ma rescue po sya agad.


We are hoping and praying that our kababayan will be rescued immediately. We are also hoping that these cases will stop.

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