OFW in Saudi Arabia Fears For Her Life: Employer Might Kill Her

An OFW in Saudi Arabia is now crying for help since her employer might kill her. [Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]
An OFW in Saudi Arabia is now crying for help since her employer might kill her. [Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]

What’s the worst nightmare that you experienced? For some people, it is losing their dream job while for others, the death of a family member or someone they loved.

We may not be aware but a lot of our Overseas Filipino Workers are living a life like a nightmare in the hands of their employers. While the issue in Riyadh was fixed by the government already by imposing an employment ban, OFWs, particularly those working as household helpers in Saudi Arabia who are abused by their employers are now rising in numbers.

[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]

Living a Life Of a Nightmare

A domestic helper in Saudi Arabia named Melarose Arboleda is now crying for help. The OFW, who came from Aklan but choose to work overseas to give her family a better life, was living a life of a nightmare.

According to a post by the OFW CCTV, the domestic helper needs immediate help since she might be killed by her current employer. There are several photos of the poor woman with a beat up face and with her ears bleeding from excessive physical abuse.

Other details about her are still unconfirmed. According to the document from the Facebook page, she is located in Main Street, Al Hasa, Saudi Arabia with contact number 0135754000.

Let’s Not Wait For More Issues

Let’s help our kababayan. Let’s not wait for the number of dead OFWs rises up because of the abuse their employers are doing.

Hopefully, the government can do something about the situation of our OFWs in Saudi Arabia. If needed, an employment ban in domestic helpers should be imposed since most of the abused workers are household helpers. We should not wait for the news that one of our kababayans died in the hands of their employer, like what happened to Joanne and the other OFWs in Kuwait.

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