OFW in Qatar terminated by employer for poor vision

The most popular notion when you are working abroad is that you have a lot higher salary than what you would receive if you work in your home country. While this is true, working overseas is not only about receiving a lot of money but it entails more concerns that must be dealt with.

The news about OFWs being maltreated, severely beaten and injured, and harassed by their employers is no longer a surprising happening because almost every day, there is a news about OFWs undergoing such difficulties. So, working abroad is not only about the prestige of working in a foreign land and receiving higher salary.  There is a price that you need to pay.

Relatively, there is another OFW who was treated unfairly by her employer.  She was terminated from work due to her deteriorating eyesight.  She is Armi Estemada, 42 years old from Baler, Aurora but worked as a baby sitter in Qatar for 10 months.

She went home to the Philippines on May 29 with barely nothing.  She talked to a taxi driver to take her to Raffy Tulfo to ask for help. Because she did not have anything to pay the taxi, she asked if he could just give her a receipt instead and Tulfo will just pay him.  The good-hearted driver agreed and took her to Tulfo.


When Tulfo interviewed her of what actually happened why was she sent home. She said that her employer terminated her because she could no longer do her work efficiently because of poor vision. Her employer bought her plane ticket going back home but they did not give her one month salary.  According to her, her employer said that they used her salary to buy her ticket.

Tulfo called Estemada’s recruitment agency and asked them to give Estemada’s one month salary and have her eyes checked up.  The recruitment agency agreed. However, seeing Estemada’s pitiful condition, Tulfo decided to have her undergo general check up on that same day and promised her to give her a capital to start a catering business like she used to do before going to Qatar to work. – LMI


Source: Raffy Tulfo in Action

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