OFW in Malaysia tied to a hospital bed, her friend cries for help

There is a heartbreaking post and video that is going viral on Facebook about one overseas Filipino worker (OFW)  who is tied to a hospital bed in Malaysia.

The OFW tied in a hospital bed was identified as Ainna Nuhun and the video was taken by a fellow OFW, allegedly the sick victim’s “friend” and was sent to Olivia Ranopa Garcia who was the one who posted the story on Facebook.

Garcia hopes that her post about Ainna Nuhun would reach Raffy Tulfo or other people who can help Nuhun be repatriated to the Philippines for better treatment.

The posts going viral did not actually give details on how Nuhun got hurt and how she was taken to the hospital. Only comments from the posts were saying she must have escaped from her employers, got hurt, and then brought to the hospital.

No further clarifications could be taken from Nuhun because she was too weak to talk and share what really happened to her.

According to Garcia, Nuhun’s friend who sent the video to her could not reach any of Nuhun’s relatives, so, she is the one taking care of her in the hospital and this is affecting her work so she hopes that through her Facebook post, any assistance could be extended to them, particularly her “friend” so that she may be taken back to her home country, the Philippines.

In this video from Facebook, Nuhun’s friend’s voice could hardly be heard but she said they are in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Her “friend” got sick and confined in the hospital but she has no idea how to contact her family in the Philippines.

Netizens are left wondering how Nuhun’s friend could not know the details of her relatives since the first things to ask when you get to know a fellow OFW is about her family and relatives and where in the Philippines is she from.

Many questions have been raised to this post like why is Nuhun tied to her bed? Did they tie her not to escape from the hospital? What really happened?

Whatever happened to Nuhun, we hope that this post would reach people who could help her. Please share as many as you can to have more reach and help our Filipina sister.

Source: Facebook


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