OFW in Kuwait Shares a Fellow OFW’s Current Situation in the Hospital

An OFW in Kuwait is currently confined in a hospital in the country. [Image Credit: Cortes Angelyn / Facebook]

Many Filipinos are choosing to work abroad to earn a bigger source of income and to support their family’s finances. The sacrifices of these Filipino workers, also known as today’s modern-day heroes, are worth it since they give their loved ones a better life in the Philippines.

However, there are some cases when these OFWs working in other countries are harassed, degraded, and abused by their employers. Some of them are even reporting that they are not receiving their monthly salary, not getting enough rest or food to eat, and suffering from physical abuse.

[Image Credit: Cortes Angelyn / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Cortes Angelyn / Facebook]

OFW in Kuwait Confined in a Hospital

A concerned OFW in Kuwait shares the current situation of another OFW working in Kuwait. According to Cortes Angelyn, a domestic worker named Florian Colita Villondo, 40 years old from Betahon, Lugait, Misamis Oriental, is currently confined in the hospital.

Florian was taken to Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital last April 8 after complaining about body aches. Not only is she suffering from the pain around her body, she also has a high fever.

[Image Credit: Cortes Angelyn / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Cortes Angelyn / Facebook]

What’s Her Current Condition?

Until now, her fellow OFWs are not sure of the doctor’s diagnosis. They cannot go and visit her in the hospital because they are not allowed to go out of their employers’ houses during working days.

Angelyn is not sure whether the domestic helper’s family is aware of her current condition. There is also no assurance on until when she will stay in the hospital.

[Image Credit: Cortes Angelyn / Facebook]
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Based on the comments left by other netizens, the domestic helper is on the state of coma. If you happen to know any relatives of the said OFW, please don’t hesitate and inform her of what happened. We are hoping that everything will work out well for her and her family already knows her current condition. We are praying for her speedy recovery.

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