OFW in Kuwait Starts to Lose Hair; Agency Sold Her to Another Employer!

An OFW in Kuwait is asking for help: She wants to go back to the Philippines.
An OFW in Kuwait is asking for help: She wants to go back to the Philippines.

What do you do when you are subject to stress? Do you often go out, eat your favorite food or meet your family and friends to unwind? There are a lot of things to do to forget about stress, but with an Overseas Filipino Worker who is working his or her way to meet the standards of the employer, it can be hard to destress. Like what one of our kababayan and OFW in Kuwait is suffering from right now.

Sold to Another Employer

In a Facebook post of Niecon Alduhail, she mentioned that the unnamed OFW in Kuwait was with her for only one day in the house of her employer’s relative. She revealed that when she talked to the OFW, she was returned by the employer back to her agency because her hair is falling already.

She had herself checked by a doctor, which she paid for herself, was diagnosed with extreme stress, and expressed her desires to go back to the Philippines, but the agency refused to abide with her wishes. The agency did not allow her to go back to her family in her home country.

Instead of sending her back home, the agency sold her to another employer, even if her previous employer and the doctor told them to let her go back to the Philippines because of the previous diagnosis.

Don’t Believe

In the video taken by Alduhail, the OFW was pleading for Raffy Tulfo to help her go back to her family. She is also saying not to believe her agency who will surely make stories about her.

Again, our fellow kababayans, let’s help our fellow Filipino to go back to her family in the country. Let’s join forces again and let it reach the different government entities and of course, Raffy Tulfo.

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