OFW in Kuwait falls victim to cybercrime

The posting of sexy pictures, nude photos, and sex videos on Facebook or on other social media sites by the person himself is believed to be exhibitionism or because of the lack of self-esteem. This is often what psychologists would tell us if we ask them the reason why.

People who feel they are less beautiful and attractive and do not get approval and praises of how beautiful they look would often resort to showing themselves to a larger audience, like in their social media walls and pages, where other people can recognize them and fill in that void space for praises.

Some just need to show off.  They just need to show off themselves and they get satisfaction from doing it because they get many likes and comments.

Well, that is if the person himself is the one posting his sexy and nude photos or videos on the internet. But how about if those naked pictures and videos are being posted by another person just to put you in shame? Well, this is another story.

There had been countless victims of this crime and an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) fell victim to it.  The victim is identified as Marjorie Torres, an OFW in Kuwait.  Her friend, Mary Jane Elsaga, represented her in the Raffy Tulfo in Action.

Through Elsaga, Torres was able to get to Tulfo to ask for his help to stop her “boyfriend” from spreading her naked and obscene pictures on the internet.  Her “boyfriend” is identified as Bryan Castorico of Agusan.

According to Marjorie Torres, she used to have a live-in partner and has kids but they broke up.  She met Bryan thru Facebook and had a relationship.  They met personally once when Marjorie was on vacation.  In an interview with Tulfo, Marjorie said that she loved Bryan and she used to have video calls with him upon his request while she was taking a bath.

She did not know that Bryan would use these videos and screenshots of the video scenes where she was touching her private parts against her.

She explained to Tulfo further that Bryan is doing this to her because she stopped sending money to him  to pay her debt.  Bryan then started sending her naked photos to her friends in Kuwait and other people who know Marjorie.  This is a cybercrime which is punishable by law with imprisonment of prision mayor (6 years to 12 years) or a fine of at least two hundred thousand pesos (PhP200,000.00).

Tulfo promised to help Marjorie Torres to get Bryan Castorico pay for his crime and be imprisoned according to the seriousness of the cybercrime he committed. _LMI

Source: Raffy Tulfo in Action

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