OFW in Kuwait is Suffering From Extreme Allergies

The OFW in Kuwait is suffering from an unknown disease. [Image Credit: Fatimah Sapio Domingo/Facebook]
The OFW in Kuwait is suffering from an unknown disease. [Image Credit: Fatimah Sapio Domingo/Facebook]

Being away from your family requires utmost sacrifice. Think about spending holidays like Christmas and New Year alone while your family is in the Philippines. You cannot celebrate special events like anniversaries or birthdays too. Most especially when you are sick, you do not have family members to take care of you or look after you while in the hospital.

New Year, Better Life

People believe that a new year means a newer and better life for everyone. For some people, a new year means correcting the bad characteristics you incurred the year before whole for others, it means starting a new.

However, how can you start a better life if you are suffering from diseases away from your family? Moreover, what more if not even one of your family members know that you are suffering overseas?

This is what happened to Overseas Filipino Worker Rosalie Layonon.

[Image Credit: Fatimah Sapio Domingo/Facebook]

What Happened?

A concerned OFW in Kuwait, Fatimah Sapio Domingo, posted several photos and a video of Layonon. According to Domingo, Layonon is currently at the Blue Glassbuilding Adan Hospital Ward 23.

[Image Credit: Fatimah Sapio Domingo/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Fatimah Sapio Domingo/Facebook]

When Domingo asked her friends, she learned that Layonon was in the hospital for quite some time already. Her visa also expired already and no one is taking care of her.

Her disease is unknown as of the moment. Based on the video shot in the hospital and posted on Facebook, Domingo is thinking that Layonon is suffering from severe allergies all over her body.

Domingo is now asking the help of fellow Filipinos to reach out to Layonon’s family.

[Image Credit: Fatimah Sapio Domingo/Facebook]

Financially, spiritually, and morally, let us again join forces to help one of our OFW in Kuwait. Please continue praying for her and sharing the post so it will reach her family in the Philippines.

Let us all give our Kababayan a newer and better life.

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