OFW in Jeddah Already Spewing Blood After Experiencing Abuse From Employer

An OFW in Jeddah spewed blood after experiencing abuse from her female employer.
An OFW in Jeddah spewed blood after experiencing abuse from her female employer.

Hearing sad news of our kababayans experiencing abuse in the Middle East is heart wrecking and devastating. A lot of them are wishing to give a better life to their family, but it turns out that they can no longer give that after their lives are ruined in the hands of their employers.

This is exactly what an Overseas Filipino Worker is experiencing in the hands of her employer in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

[Image Credit: Rappler]

Worried Family

The relatives of the OFW in Jeddah are really worried after knowing that she is being maltreated by her employer. The OFW’s relative in the Philippines, China Puebla, was crying while she was asking for help to rescue the OFW in Jeddah after she was allegedly abused by her employer.

According to Puebla, she last conversation she had with the OFW was when she flew to Jeddah for work January last year. During their last conversation, her cousin was crying for help because she can’t take the beatings from her female employer anymore.

Immediate Punishment to the OFW from Jeddah

Puebla also added that when her cousin started working for the employer, she already experienced some beatings even with just a month of working.

Her cousin also lost a lot of weight and cannot be recognized in one glance. In the video that her cousin sent, the OFW was already spewing blood.

Sinasaktansiyakontingpagkaka-ano. ‘Yung nakaraanngadawtinulak, kasi 4th floor ‘yungbahay, itinulaksahagdanan. Butinakahawakkundipataynapinsanko, nakakaawa.

Her employer already brought her to the hospital after spewing blood and her body almost giving up after all the beating. But after she recovered, she was brought back to her employer’s house as if nothing happened.

Ginaganoonlang ng ibangtao, pabayaanlang din ng agency nilakumitanakasisila. Ayawkolangpoiuwi ‘yungpinsankoditonabangkayna.Mahirapnaman ‘yun, sir bagahena.Maayosumalis, pag-uwi bagahena.

Hopefully, the Embassy will be able to return the OFW back to the country.

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