OFW in Israel caught by her husband chatting and kissing her online boyfriend

Are kisses online and chats enough evidences that two people are having a romantic relationship?

Aldrin dela Cruz, 31 years old, owns a piggery and barbeque business in Makati City, went to Raffy Tulfo to ask his intervention to talk to his wife, Riziel dela Cruz, 30 years old, a caregiver in Israel.

Aldrin told Raffy that he got evidences that his wife is having a relationship with another man, Rogelio Basas, 38 years old, also a caregiver reliever in Israel.

Aldrin alleged Riziel and Rogelio having an illegal relationship, which both denied.  Riziel said in a telephone interview that she and Rogelio are just friends.  Aldrin does not believe Riziel.  He showed to Tulfo a picture of Rogelio and Riziel giving each other an ‘online kiss’ in their video call.  He also showed their chats involving erotic messages.

In a telephone interview with Rogelio, he told Tulfo that he and Riziel are just friends and they do not have any special relationship.  He said that the ‘online kisses’ and the chats were just jokes and he does not have any intention of making them real.  Riziel also said that those gestures and chats were only for fun and not serious.

Aldrin, despite the versions of Rogelio and Riziel, was not convinced.  For him, the two are having a relationship for they are free to maintain a relationship because they are both in Israel.

Aldrin was very angry at Rogelio and Riziel because of the totally foul chats and plans of erotic engagements. He wanted both to be deported so that he could have a personal conversation with both of them.

After the confrontations, Riziel asked for Aldrin’s forgiveness and promised not to get involved in any form of online kissing and erotic chats.  Rogelio also promised that he will not disturb Riziel anymore and will no longer meet her personally.  He said he will go home to settle the matter personally with Aldrin.

However, Raffy Tulfo team learned that Aldrin is persistent in filing charges against her wife Riziel and her alleged lover Rogelio.  He is at present looking for evidences to prove that the two are having an illicit affair. – LMI

Source: Raffy Tulfo in Action

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