OFW in Hong Kong caught smuggling cigarettes

When you are confused and in desperate need of money, you can forget about the risks and consequences of your actions and you are tempted to do an illegal activity just to have the money you desperately need.

This exactly is what happened to a Filipina domestic helper “Resy” who was caught in possession of 55 packs of cigarettes, which she did not declare upon arrival at the Hong Kong-Macau ferry terminal.

Resy was arrested at the Customs area in Hong Kong-Macau terminal.

During the investigations and hearing, Resy related the story how she got the 55 packs of cigarettes and why was she carrying them. She said she just agreed to carry them to the city after an unidentified woman offered her HK$1,500 (around P10,000 pesos) in exchange of her carrying the bag and deliver it to her upon meeting at Charter Road in Central.

The items were not declared upon arrival and are subjected to taxes amounting to HK$20,000 or Php132,000 pesos.

According to the prosecution, “Resy” was arrested at Customs Arrival Hall of the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal on May 1 after they discovered that there were undeclared goods in his possession.

She said she was to deliver the cigarettes to the woman she will meet at Charter Road in Central, where the items were to be sold.  She approved of helping the police to apprehend the woman who allegedly owns the smuggled cigarettes.  Unfortunately, the woman was not there when the team went there.

Resy was charged with possession of taxable goods and is facing up to 20 years of imprisonment. However, her employer appeared and swore in court that she is a good person with a good character.

The court, believing her testimony, ordered her jailed for two weeks but its implementation is suspended for a year. It means she will not be put in jail anymore  if she will not commit any crimes in the next 12 months.

Her employer of many years paid her bail worth HK$10,000 or more or less Php70,000. –  LMI

Source: The Filipino Times


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