OFW in HK pleaded guilty of theft at UNIQLO

Some of the people who were charged and imprisoned for theft admit their crime, however,  some of them say that they are not really happy for stealing.  Others would say they were just forced to steal because of a need or in desperation.

This is the plea of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Hong Kong (HK) in the person of Lulu A. P. who admitted that she stole several items from a popular clothing store, Uniqlo, in Causeway Bay on March 17.  She pleaded guilty to theft before the Eastern Magistrate Peter Law on April 16.

“Opo, inaaamin ko po,” Lulu told the court. Judge Law sentenced her to three days imprisonment but suspended this for one year. This means that she will no longer be put to jail if she does not commit  theft and any crime in the next 12 months.

Judge Law reiterated, “So, keep away from trouble in the next 12 months or you will be in trouble.

Otherwise, you will have to go to prison.”

However, Lulu said she already wanted to go home to the Philippines for good.  She was terminated by her employer and had no plans of staying in Hong Kong any longer.

Lulu stole eight pairs of socks and boxer shorts, three umbrellas, and one handbag and put them all in her backpack. She thought she could walk away with the items when nobody seemed to have noticed her.

She walked out of the store without paying the items but the alarm sounded indicating that the items were being taken out unpaid. She went back to the store to return the items but the officials then accosted her.

While she was able to avoid prison, the charge of theft gives her a criminal record in Hong Kong and would probably be denied a visa if she would apply to work  again in HK. She was pleading the court if she could just be allowed to go home for good and never go back to HK again.

Source: Hong Kong News


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