OFW in HK enjoys being a dog “yaya”

Dogs – man’s best friend. We hear this from people who love their dogs and value their loyalty and company. It is common to hear this when dog lovers talk about their dogs, they have built a very close relationship with.  In fact, there are people who treat their dogs like their kids or like family members.  They even have their own room that is air conditioned and they have their own nanny.

The story of Sheena Rose Tamayo, a dog nanny in Hong Kong, was featured in GMA News.  Sheena is taking care of eight dogs.  She said that she started working as a dog nanny in 2016.  She started with one dog.  Her employers like how she takes care of their first dog and that inspired them to buy more dogs and pet them.

Sheena always walks the dogs in the parks and along the streets and people who see them always give not just a second look but stares because the dogs look unreal – they look like stuffed toys and even bigger than Sheena herself.

She shared her passion for dogs. She said that dogs are very loving animals.  She talks to them like they are humans and just bonding with them relieves stress.

Sheena said that the dogs she is taking care of have their own dog house that is fully air conditioned and must be as cold as winter.  Her employers’ dogs are two standard poodle which costs almost half a million Philippine pesos each, two akita inu, two German shepherd, and two Chinese mongrels.

These dogs require that their environment is really cold for them to survive and this is the reason why their house is fully air conditioned.

Sheena said that she enjoys taking care of the dogs like they are her best friends.  They are a good company and being with them, even when they can’t talk, provide relief from stress and eases homesickness. – LMI

Source: GMA News



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