OFW In Dubai Went Home A Millionaire After Sending Money To Her Family

OFW in Dubai
The OFW in Dubai went home a millionaire. [Image Credit: Al Ansari Exchange / YouTube]

The Overseas Filipino Workers of the world are known as the modern day heroes not only because of the sacrifices that they make to provide their families’ needs but also due to the remittances that they send to their loved ones in the country. These remittances help in keeping the economy of the country afloat even if there is a high inflation rate that is experienced across the country. But an OFW in Dubai didn’t know that it will change her life forever.

An OFW in Dubai never thought that she will get rewarded after fulfilling her monthly duties and sent a remittance to her family. She didn’t know that the money she sent to her family will make her an instant millionaire — and she doesn’t need to serve other families anymore.

Image Credit: Al Ansari Exchange / YouTube

The Lucky OFW in Dubai

Gina Soriano, an OFW from the Gulf State, became the fifth winner of a grand prize last August 29. According to the OFW, she was surprised to be this year’s millionaire. The life-changing event will surely improve not only her life but for her whole family.

Soriano was the lucky one out of the five million raffle entries made to Al Ansari Exchange, a big remittance and foreign exchange company.

She earned an entry after sending money back to her loved ones. The raffle included other hefty prizes such as a brand new car and other cash prizes.

The OFW was announced as the sole winner during a live draw streaming. She won 1 million dirhams grand prize.

Image Credit: Al Ansari Exchange / YouTube

The company wishes to change the lives of the people working in Dubai.

We hope that the cash prize will make a positive difference in her life and her family’s life.

Other than the lucky OFW, there were two more Filipinos who bagged big prizes. Honesto Dela Cruz won 10,000 dirhams while Antonio Artisuela Cano went home with a brand new Mercedes Benz 2018 model.

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Congratulations to our lucky kababayans!

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