OFW in Dubai dies of aneurysm

A Filipina household service worker in Dubai died on Sunday, July 14, 3 days after she was rushed to a Sharjah hospital. The Filipina was  identified as Merely de Chavez Mora, 38 years old from Lobo, Batangas.  According to her medical report, she died of aneurysm.

A nurse working at the Sharjah hospital where Mora was rushed said the OFW was placed under watch of the Intensive Care Unit. The nurse said that she was rushed to the hospital unconscious and with brain hemorrhage.

The case of the deceased overseas Filipino worker (OFW) has been referred to Welfare Officer Danilo Flores for immediate action.  Flores stressed that the repatriation of the remains of Mora will be shouldered by her employer.

Flores added that Mora’s employer recognizes her responsibility and he was inquiring about the procedures on how to repatriate her remains so he could start the process and Mora will be home to her family in the soonest possible time.  He added that they asked the employer to see them in the consulate so that he may be guided properly.

The family of Mora in the Philippines already knows what happened to her and they are now waiting for her remains to arrive.

According to Rappler, a report published by The Filipino Times said that brain stroke and hemorrhage are among the top killers of OFWs in the UAE.  Documents showed that there were 172 deaths last year. Of this figure, 81 – or 47% – were due to heart attack and related conditions, while 27 – or about 16% – were brain-related like intracranial hemorrhage.

Healthline wrote that an aneurysm occurs when an artery’s wall weakens and causes an abnormally large bulge. This bulge can rupture and cause internal bleeding. Although an aneurysm can occur in any part of your body, they’re most common in the:

  • brain
  • aorta
  • legs
  • spleen

MedicineNet   explained that a variety of causes including high blood pressure, stress, trauma, heredity, and abnormal blood flow at the junction where arteries come together. There are other rare causes of aneurysm like infections of the artery wall. In order to prevent this disease and other diseases, it is advised that everyone should have an annual medical check-up. – LMI

Source: Rappler

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