OFW in Dubai, an instant millionaire after winning the Best Nanny contest

Being a domestic helper is a tough job.  It requires you to perform different household chores for a family or a single employer, from cleaning the house and the yard, caring for the children or elderly, laundry, ironing, caring for and walking the pets, cooking, and maintaining the whole house.  What makes it even tougher is the reality of working in a foreign land with foreign employers.  But what if your employers consider you as a family?

Two months ago, the news about a Filipina OFW in UAE who won P 1M from a contest went viral and many OFWs especially domestic helpers were inspired by her story.  The social media still revels at her success and many netizens still talk about it because it is a rare opportunity to be chosen as best in any contest especially if there are many contestants.

The instant millionaire is Rosie Villa who is from Barotac, Nuevo, Iloilo. She said in an interview with ABS-CBN that she learned doing all sorts of household chores at a very young age, which became her major skills in working as a domestic helper.

She learned the hard way. She worked in a hotel in her province, got pregnant and was abandoned by her live-in partner.  She soon thought of working abroad as a domestic helper.  It was a tough decision for her because it meant leaving her child behind but she was more convinced of the idea that working abroad far from her child would mean a better future for her family.

In 2013, Villa went to Dubai and worked as a domestic helper with her kind Argentinian-American employers who consider her as a family.  She serves them obediently and they were amazed of how well she takes care of their children and how dedicated she is to her work. Because of her commitment to her work and for doing it all her best, her female employer secretly nominated her into a “Best Nanny contest”, an online search for the best nanny entire the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

On December 16, 2018, Villa was shocked when she was chosen as the “Best Nanny” in UAE.  She bested other 41 nannies and won 700, 000 dirhams or P1M.  Her employers expressed their confidence that she was going to win because they knew that she deserved it for being the best nanny who according to her them works all hours of the day and beyond.

Villa stressed that she will not retire yet from working as a domestic helper because she still loves to work for her employers and most especially she is doing the job for her loved ones.  She said that the love for family always comes first.

Story and image credits: ABS-CBN News

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