OFW in Hong Kong is Now Gaining Popularity in the World Because of Her Raw Talent and Stunning Photographs

The past years in your life showcases the happiness, the sorrow, the life, and the death of your loved ones. However, everything can just be in your memory if you were not able to take a snapshot of those happenings. Thanks to the evolution of technology today, photography can already capture not only memories but different happenings in our lives.

While some people take memory takings for granted, there are also some people who use the power of their cameras as a medium of creating artworks that can be frozen forever in time. Photography relishes human life. The greatness of art lies in how a human interprets it into photos.

Today, a lot of people are benefiting from photography. A lot of people use it for memory keeping while there are also others who earn money from it as their profession.

One photographer who is now known for her artworks is a Filipino Overseas Worker from Hong Kong named Xyza Bacani.

Earning Popularity in Asia

Bacani has a gift for capturing the raw emotions of her subjects with just a few clicks of her camera. Her photos are set to black and white.

Before she became popular in the photography world, Bacani was also one of the thousands of OFWs who are hoping to get a better life for them and their family abroad. During her time working overseas when she discovered her gift.

How She Discovered It

It was a peaceful night while she was away from Hong Kong’s mainland when she set her camera to black and white mode and made her way to take some photos of the busy streets of Mongkok.

Her black and white photos strip away all the extras and force the viewer to view things based on their contrasts and emotions.

One of her popular artworks was a perfectly captured raw emotion of a little girl peeking through a glass wall.

Still images are very powerful. It transcends the language. Photography to me is the language of the universe.

It was through San Francisco’s famous Filipino photographer Rick Rocamora who noticed her photos that Bacani came to light and was noticed by a lot of people.

After her photos were published in the New York Times, opportunities started to pour in. She received sponsorship from Fuji Film and was able to have her photos exhibited at the Philippine Embassy in Hong Kong.

It is very heartwarming to know that some Filipinos are starting to gain popularity because of their talents and credibility. We are very proud to call Xyza Bacani a Kababayan.



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