OFW hiker falls to death while taking selfies on a waterfall in Hong Kong

How far and how risky can you go in taking selfies?

Many stories have been told about accidents and deaths related to taking selfies since this photo phenomenon started.  Are you really willing to risk your life just to have a selfie with phenomenal things, place or people?

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) died while taking a selfie in a waterfall in Tai Mo Shan Country Park in Hong Kong (HK) about noon yesterday (April 5, 2019).  She was a 26-year-old  OFW who was reportedly working as a customer service officer in a call center of a financing company.

Another source claimed that the OFW allegedly resided in Lantau with one child.  Police did not disclose her name to the public.

Police told that the victim was hiking with her younger sister and four friends from Lam Kam Road, Tai Po at about 9 A.M. When they reached the Ng Tung Chai Waterfall, her companions heard a loud noise and to their surprise they found that she had already fallen 15 meters down into the slope of the waterfall and landed in the water.

Interviews with the victim’s companions and other groups who allegedly saw what happened told the police that she was taking selfies when she slipped down the slope.

Moments after she fell, her friends together with other Filipinos ran and struggled to check on her as she laid in the rocks unconscious.  People were screaming and one was overheard saying, “She’s already dead, don’t touch her!”

Initial investigations by HK police disclosed the victim was unconscious when she was lifted from the water.  Paramedics gave her first aid before she was taken to Tuen Mun hospital where she was declared dead at 1;31 P.M.

As of this writing, no further news about the OFW’s death if she will be taken home to the Philippines.

Source: The Sun



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