OFW graduates Magna Cum Laude

With the advent of technology and with the curriculum being updated to meet the demands of the changing times, distance learning, blended learning and the so-called online learning are becoming so popular and many people who are interested to study are now given the chance to finish their education.

Many Filipinos have graduated from their four-year degree courses and post-graduate degrees because of online programs and distance learning.  Ferdinand Gueco, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is just one of them.

Ferdinand Gueco graduates Magna Cum Laude with the degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from AMA Online Education.

Gueco got married and started a family at a very early age.  Because of this, he was not able to finish his schooling and had to find a better work abroad just to earn more money to sustain the needs of his family. He applied for a work in Saudi Arabia and was taken in.

While working overseas, Gueco had given his family a better life, however, his dream of getting a degree was always in his heart.  He knew that he will achieve that dream one day and he was just waiting for the best opportunity to make it happen. He thought that having a degree will make him more qualified to do other jobs and that his market value will also increase.

While in Saudi, he searched for schools that offer online programs.  From the list of schools, he finally chose AMA Online Education (AMA OEd) as the best option that meets his criteria.

Gueco was very excited that he could go back to school again, however, he was also anxious of how well he can manage to work and study at the same time.

Business Mirror wrote that Gueco was quoted saying, “I graduated high school back in the year 2000, and I felt it will be challenging. I was so insecure and questioned myself whether I can still be a person who can perform academically.”

He was very persistent to pursue his dream and enrolled at AMA OEd in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program major in Management Information System.  It was a tough decision for him to make.  He admitted it was really difficult in the beginning as he was adjusting but he managed his time wisely and got used with the system in the end.

“Being an OFW is already an arduous endeavor even more as you commit to further study. Aside from taking a significant chunk from my monthly budget, I had to ensure I used my time wisely, focusing on studying with the limited time I have,” he shared as reported by Business Mirror.

Gueco graduated Magna Cum Laude from the course Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program major in Management Information System in May 2019.  After graduation, he applied for a new job and now working as a a senior purchasing specialist at the Saudi Arabia-based company where he works.

“Online education is really the way of the future. Through our tech-savvy, responsible, and innovative graduates, we get to show that online learning is an effective way of studying to earn that degree that opens the door for better life opportunities,” said Dr. Amable Aguiluz, IX, vice chairman and CEO of AMA Education System.

Source: Business Mirror

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