OFW goes home to give one of her kidneys to her mother who is in stage 3 chronic kidney disease

This story of unconditional love of a daughter to her mother is a very inspiring message for Mother’s Day.

One contestant in Wowowin, Tin, shared her story which was published on Wowowin Youtube channel on April 27. Tin is an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who worked in Cyprus and Taiwan as a caregiver.  She said that she loves her job and she loves her patients but her love for her mother weighs more than anything.

She left her job and went home to have her mother treated.  Her mother is suffering from chronic kidney disease and was diagnosed to be in stage 3. The doctors said that her mother’s case could no longer be treated through dialysis.  She needs surgery and kidney transplant in the soonest possible time.

Tin went home to give one of her kidneys to her mother to be able to save her from more serious complications and, possibly, death.  All she and her family wanted is for her mother to have the treatment as soon as possible.

Tin was very emotional when she gave her message to her father who was left at home while she and her mother went to Manila to have the surgery and kidney transplant.  The viewers cried with her and even Willie Revillame was touched with Tin’s unconditional love to her mother.

While she was working abroad, she was sending her younger sister to college until she graduated with a degree.  Tin has her own family and a child but being a very supportive and loving sister, she did not stop supporting her younger sister’s studies.  She was very emotional when her younger sister told her that she can go home and take care of her child and she will be the one to work for them, too, as she has already graduated with a degree and can look for a job.

Tin said she knows the possible complications of removing her kidneys and the possible complications of kidney transplant to her mother as the doctors explained to them.  She said she is ready for the operation and she knows that God will guide and help them through – that is how a daughter loves her mother. – LMI

Source: Wowowin

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