OFW goes back to school to get a degree

For some Filipinos desperate of looking for a job that offers a high salary, working abroad is almost the only option.  So, it is not really surprising anymore to learn that some bachelor’s degree graduates, teachers, nurses, engineers, and even doctors would want to go abroad to work as laborers, domestic helper, gardeners, farmers, and other lowly jobs just to augment their income to finance their projects in the Philippines, give a better life to their families and send their children or siblings to school.

On the other side, many Filipinos, too, are prompted to go abroad even without finishing their college degree.  They are somewhat forced to leave the country and stop from their studies just to work abroad to support their family. Mine, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who used to work as a teller in Dubai for more than three years, is one of them.

She recalled her story when she joined the Wowowin lately (April 3, 2019).  She narrated that she hails from a lowly family, graduated from high school as a salutatorian but she could not be sent to school by her parents so she worked in a fast food chain for five years to finance her studies in college and feed her family.

Min then felt she was too tired to work more with just enough salary to support herself and her family, so she decided to work abroad.  She worked as a teller in Dubai for more than three years.  But while working in Dubai, her dream to get a college degree always haunted her.

It was always her ultimate dream to graduate from college and get a degree.  So, she struggled to save money while she was in Dubai and went back home to the Philippines to finish her degree.  She is set to go back to school this coming semester to finish her course Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration.

For other OFWs and every Filipino who wish to finish their degree, let us make Mine our model. It is not too late to pursue college studies and get a degree.  No matter how far your money could take you, the future is not guaranteed, you can lose your wealth anytime but when you have a degree it is the wealth that will never be taken from you, the most precious gift you can ever give yourself. With a degree, you can always find a job suited for you.  Good luck!

Source: GMA News

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