OFW fired for putting urine into the water she gave her employer to drink

Most overseas Filipino workers (OFW) stories revolve around physical abuses, attempted rape, rape, acts pf lasciviousness, harassment, and being locked up and left starving for few days.  These stories have become common somehow.  However, there are also few cases where the OFW is the one committing a crime or a misdeed.

This is exactly what an OFW in Saudi Arabia did to her employer.  “Ana”, not her real name, was fired from work after her employer found out that she gave him water to drink mixed with urine.

According to Nurhasda Latip, liaison officer of Saudi recruitment agency that deployed Ana, her employer complained that he smelled that the water had a distinct smell of urine.

The employer then took the water to a laboratory and had it tested for urine component and it was confirmed that the water had urine mixed with it, indeed.  Ana was then brought to her recruitment agency to complain about her misdeed and for her to receive corresponding punishment.

Ana was interrogated and she admitted that she really put urine into the water that she gave to her employer to drink.  She explained further that she only did that with the hope to make her employer a little kinder to her.

Her recruitment agency talked to Ana’s employer not to file charges against her and he luckily agreed but fired Ana instead and deport her to the Philippines.

Ana was crying when she met Labor Attache Nasser Munder and she sincerely apologized for what she did.

Munder once again reminded all OFWs to let OWWA and Labor officials know of whatever problems and concerns they have with their employers so that these problems will be addressed properly.  She reiterated that OFWs should never commit anything that might put them into trouble and would just delay their rescue.

Source: GMA News

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