OFW Who Financed Her Own Plane Ticket to Go Back to Her Family Passed Away

The OFW who returned to her family from Kuwait passed away four days after. [Image Credit: Lee Canete / Facebook]
The OFW who returned to her family from Kuwait passed away four days after. [Image Credit: Lee Canete / Facebook]

There are a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers who were able to come back to their families in the Philippines in the middle of the employment ban imposed by the government in Kuwait. A lot of agencies did their best in helping and sending these workers back to the home country. There are also employers who followed the decision and released their Filipino workers.

However, there are also some OFWs who were not lucky when it comes to dealing with their employers. One of them is Marivic Mua.

Return to the Philippines After Being Sick and Abused

Last February 16, OFWs called out the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration to guide Mua once she reached the airport. Her previous employer decided to release her and urge her to come back to the Philippines after she got sick from the abuse she experienced and cannot perform her duties at work.

But here is the catch: her employers did not finance her ticket. They did not take drive her from their house to the airport so Mua had to take a bus. She also paid for her ticket from Kuwait to Manila and Manila to Cebu just to come back to her family.

[Image Credit: Lee Canete / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Lee Canete / Facebook]

Did Not Last Long

Even if the former OFW was able to join her family after traveling from Kuwait to Cebu, a sad news about her was posted by Lee Canete.

According to Canete, Mua passed away four days after returning to her family.

Rest in peace kabayang Marivic Mua. Our condolences to her family too.

We hope that this is the last time that we hear bad news about our fellow OFWs. The number of those abused by their employers is rising. The government should do something about this. Our OFWs are modern day heroes, not punching bags of their employers. We should put a stop on this.

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