OFW in Saudi Arabia Escapes From Employer But Left a Letter and Her Passport Behind

An OFW escapes from her employer in Saudi Arabia. [Image Credit: Elsa Tiqui / Facebook]

We often hear stories of Overseas Filipino Worker asking for help to end the sufferings they are experiencing from their employers. Some of them were verbally abused while there are others who, unfortunately, were abused sexually, physically, and emotionally too.

But this case is different. You will be surprised at the reason why this OFW escaped her employer.

[Image Credit: Elsa Tiqui / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Elsa Tiqui / Facebook]

The Reason For Escaping

An OFW named Sarah Derla recently left her employers. Sarah is working as a household helper in Saudi Arabia. However, one fateful day, she decided to break away from her employer’s house. But before she run away, she left a letter addressed to her employer and her passport.

Based on the letter, she is apologizing to her employers for escaping, even if they are good employers. She revealed that she cannot do her tasks anymore since she is always thinking of her baby back in the Philippines. She also said sorry for taking her pay for this month, even if she did not work for the whole month. The OFW also mentioned getting her baby from her sister and husband.

The said employers are worried because she left her passport. If she has the intentions to go back to the Philippines, she would have taken her passport with her. Without it, she cannot leave Saudi Arabia and it is possible that she might go to jail if she cannot provide any documents to the authorities.

[Image Credit: Elsa Tiqui / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Elsa Tiqui / Facebook]

Mixed Response From Netizens

Meanwhile, netizens, particularly those who are working as OFWs have mixed reactions to this. Some of them were praying for the OFW while a lot of them were saying that the employer might be the one who wrote the letter and the post is just a bait.

You may see the whole post here:

What do you think about this? Did Sarah escape from her employers because of her baby or because of her employers?

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