OFW battles stage 3 uterus cancer

One of the most difficult battles that an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is fighting is probably living alone in a foreign land with nobody to go to and no shoulder to cry on especially in moments when they need a comforting shoulder.  Their family and friends are far and can not offer consolation and solace most especially when the OFW is sick or undergoing the most difficult time of his or her life.

This is the present situation of one of the OFWs in Hong Kong right now who is suffering from Stage 3 uterus cancer.  She is Lyn, single and no child.  She shared her story on Facebook under the name Lyn S. Fight hoping that her story may serve as an inspiration for other cancer patients and survivors to keep fighting and be grateful to the Lord for another chance to live.

In her post, Lyn expressed how much grateful she is to the Lord for giving her another chance to live. She expressed that she never capitalized on blaming and asking God why should she be the one to suffer from cancer while many others out there who are “bad and evil” deserve suffering and death.

She narrated in her post the pain, loneliness, homesickness, self-pity, and hopelessness she felt during the course of her disease and confinement in the hospital. She was feeling very weak for profuse bleeding that happened almost everyday and she recalled how a dilation and curettage was performed on her without anesthesia to clear the uterine lining and remove the foul smelling blood discharge.

Lyn, in her most debilitating condition even asked God on the day of her operation that if she only had hopeless condition it was better for her to just die.  She was very happy, however, when after five hours of operation, the nurse was waking her up saying the operation was completed and she is safe.

Lyn, now, is recuperating from the disease and asks her co-OFWs and everyone to be thankful to God for the life that is given to them and for giving importance to the second life that is given after any difficult trial in life.

She said in her FB post, “So, for anyone else out there who is battling Cancer, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE….Don’t give up, Stay Strong and Positive.  I HOPE this post can inspired, give hope and strength to others like me.”


Source: Facebook



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