OFW and her Pakistani lover’s photos revealed by husband

Lately, cases of cheating and illegal affairs have been trending in the social media and most of these cases involve overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and long distance relationship (LDR).

It is obvious, though, that netizens prefer those kinds of news in the social media not because they love to read about them but because they can relate to what happens around and they feel they have the responsibility to air their sentiments to contradict illicit affair and promote marriages and family relationship.

Just recently, a concerned husband went to Raffy Tulfo to report his wife, an OFW working in Oman in the person of Maria Theresa Espiritu whom he claimed as having an illegal affair with a Pakistani she met in Oman.

In her interview with Tulfo, Espiritu initially denied her husband’s allegations that she is having an affair with a Pakistani. Tulfo then showed on TV her photos with her Pakistani lover showing their sweet moments together.

She then admitted that she had an affair with the Pakistani but she clarified that it was long time ago and that she does not have any connection with the Pakistani anymore.

Tulfo, in his pity to Theresa’s husband, who said he has sold some of his belongings including his motorcycle so that he could go to Tulfo together with their child to report the matter and ask for help, told Theresa to just go home to her family or else he will work on her deportation.

Theresa insisted she will finish her contract and that she is saving for her family.  Her husband contested her statements saying lately she was not sending them enough.

Tulfo read Theresa’s messages to her Pakistani lover.  The messages said that she would help him solve his problems, which may be the reason why she could not save for her family for she might be spending for her lover and to sustain their outings and dating.

Tulfo said he will work on Theresa’s deportation but Theresa pleaded she will finish her contract despite her husband’s begging  for her to just go home.

May this story together with the other stories of infidelity, cheating, and illegal affair serve as a lesson to everyone.  The children are the ones who suffer a lot when their parents undergo challenges like these.  May marriages be upheld and protected and the family should always be the priority of everyone. -lmi

Source: Raffy Tulfo in Action



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