Nipa Hut Designs: 30 Bamboo House Designs You’ll Love

There’s a reason why a lot of people loves building a nipa hut or bahay kubo.

It’s sturdy.

It’s windy.

And best of all, it’s not costly.

The native nipa hut or kamalig is a type of house common to the indigenous of the culture of the Philippines. It’s an icon of the culture. From the start of the pre-colonial era until now, a lot of people still enjoy building nipa huts in their provincial houses and backyards.

Nothing else can symbolize the rich Filipino history than a bahay kubo. This type of house transcended and evolved thru the years.

One of the unique characteristics of a bahay kubo is its mobility. It can also withstand any kind of weather or climate in the Philippines. Since it is made of lightweight yet strong materials, these huts can be carried through bamboo stilts by people who voluntarily help out a family who’s moving to another location.

After several decades, the architecture of the traditional bahay kubo has changed dramatically. Most of these houses are now built permanently on the ground. They are also made with materials that are sturdier.

Materials like rattan, coconut lumber, Cadiz, bamboo, and Santo wood are now used to build these houses. There are also others that have a cement finish at the bottom part, to make sure that it can withstand even the strong winds.

Today, we have 30 nipa huts design that are very beautiful to look at. Whether you are planning to stay at these huts for residence or you simply want to use it as a resting place during the hot summer afternoon, you will surely love these designs:


Do you love the designs of these bamboo nipa hut houses today? If you are looking for more house designs, make sure to browse our website too!

Thank you to Meesara for these house designs.

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