Newly Operated OFW Forced to Work Despite Her Condition; Agency is Not Responding

A newly operated OFW wants to go back to her family. [Image Credit: Bunso Jlyn Cordova Bacrang / Facebook]

A depressed and scared Pinay Overseas Filipino Worker named Ruchel Crude Batawan is asking for immediate rescue from her employer’s house.

Filipinos are known around the world because of their skills in different kinds of fields. This is why most countries are dominated by the Filipino workforce. Even most families prefer a Filipino domestic helper because of being meticulous, caring, and loving for their family and children.

There have been a lot of stories about the lives of OFWs abroad. It is not easy to work in another country. However, life is a like a game. In every decision that you make, you need to gamble things.

[Image Credit: Bunso Jlyn Cordova Bacrang / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Bunso Jlyn Cordova Bacrang / Facebook]

Newly Operated

This is the choice that Ruchel Crude Batawan made in order to support the financial needs of her family. She started working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia to send money to her family in the Philippines.

However, something unexpected happened. Last September 1, she was diagnosed and operated due to appendicitis. After her operation, on October 18, her employer decided to move her to another employer. This employer is her fourth one already.

Because she’s newly operated, she can feel pain on the right side of her stomach, where there’s a wound from her previous operation. Due to the pain, she cannot eat properly anymore. Even if she told her employers about her condition, they are not believing her at all.

[Image Credit: Bunso Jlyn Cordova Bacrang / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Bunso Jlyn Cordova Bacrang / Facebook]
Also, since she stopped working for two months, she hasn’t received any salary at all. All she wants now is to go back to her family in the Philippines since given her condition, she can no longer work or serve another family.

Watch the video here:

Ruchel already talked to her agency, MMML Agency, but until now, they are not helping her at all, even if the case was reported for several months already. She is now asking the help of everyone so her plea can reach the respective parties in the Philippines.

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