Modern Style Two-Bedroom Two-Story House

If you are planning to build your own home or start a family of your own, one of the biggest decisions that you will make is to decide how big the house will be. Choosing between a single or a two-story house can cost you hours after hours of decision making: Do you have the budget to spare? Do you need a bigger floor space?

During the decision making process, it is important to consider different things:

  • Your personal needs
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your total lot area
  • Most especially, your budget.

If you need a bigger space and you have a bigger budget to spare, a two-story house is more ideal.

Compared to a duplex or a bungalow, building a two storey house is more cost effective in the long run. You and your family can enjoy double to livable space, without spending twice the overall costs.

If you are looking for a bigger two storey house, then this design can be ideal for you.

This modern style two storey house is a four-bedroom structure with a total living area of 140 square meters.

From the outside, the combination of the brown and white hues gives this whole home a minimalist yet contemporary look. There are several long glass windows surrounding the home as well as a galvanized tile roofing which adds sophistication to the overall look.

There is also a spacious roofed garage just beside the main entryway. This garage can fit two cars or you can also convert it into a lanai or veranda for the family.

But the highlight of this modern house design is its staircase, which extends to the balcony.

From the main entry door, you will be greeted by the spacious living room. Just a few steps from the reception area is the dining area and the kitchen.

The kitchen has an open-concept l-shape design, with enough space for a gas range, a refrigerator, a dishwasher and even several kitchen cabinets. There’s also a door leading to the washing area at the back. 

All the bedrooms are on the second floor. The Master’s Bedroom is very spacious. It has a working area, which can also be converted as a dresser. The common bathroom can be accessed from the Master’s Bedroom. There is also another bedroom for the other occupants of the house. This bedroom is big enough for a full size bed, side tables, and built-in closet. You can also use the first floor (the garage area) as another bedroom.

Check out the floor plan of this two-story house here:

Reference: Naibann

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