Modern One-Bedroom Bungalow With Loft

Modern One-Bedroom Bungalow With Loft

What makes an ideal dream house for you?

Do you like it more when there are more space?

Maybe you are considering houses with more extravagant exteriors?

How about some beautiful yet traditional looking ones?

People have their own tastes when it comes to their dream houses. But you will surely love this beautiful, modern, and charming bungalow house plan that we have for today.

This bungalow is made of articificial wood and steel structure in the Nordic style. It has a simple yet chic with warmth inviting feel to it.

The house has 70 square meters of floor space and comprises of a bedroom, a loft, a bathroom, a hallway, and a balcony with benches at the front. This house has a construction budget of at least 1,400,000 Philippine Peso or 27,600 USD.

Once you look at the house, the first thing that you will see is the Nordic style steel structure. It has gable roof with metal sheet roofing and finished with several glass windows on the side. It is also elevated from the ground and has a space underneath with a beautiful flight of staircase in front. Before you enter the house, you will also find a balcony complete with benches for relaxation.

Thanks to the big glass windows surrounding the house, the atmosphere inside is spacious, elegant, and bright. The floor is also covered with dark brown tiles with white walls. There is also a flight of stairs to the mezzanine floor, which can be used as a family hall or a second bedroom as it has steel barriers to prevent falls.

This bungalow comes with a bedroom and a luxurious bathroom.

The toilet and bath comes with a lavatory, a shower area, and a provision for a hot tub. The whole room is covered with mint blue tiles, exhibiting a cool vibe to it.

Nobody will not love how beautiful this modern bungalow is. It is inviting and contemporary looking and also comes with a provision for a yard.

Overall, this house has:

  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bathroom
  • Living room
  • Loft (for another bedroom or family hall)
  • Kitchen
  • Dining area
  • Balcony with bench

Do you love modern bungalow plans like this? Make sure to check out our website or the Babban (thank you for the design).

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