Minimalist Double Story House With Four Bedrooms

Minimalist Double Story House With Four Bedrooms

For people who are still building their dream house, budget may not be a question. After all, after years of working and saving up for the family, having a house you can call your own is one of the dreams of most families all over the globe.

If you are planning to build a house with more space and rooms for the family to move around, a double story house is the ideal house for you.

This double story house like our house plan for today will provide space, leisure, and privacy for your whole family.

Built with a 836 square feet floor space, this house comes with four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a dining area, a living room, a kitchen, and even a mini office.

From the outside, you will notice how clean and minimalist the exteriors look like. The walls are finished with white paint and brick accent walls. The windows are uniquely designed yet they are big enough to allow ventilation and natural light into the house.

This double story house also comes with a second floor. Unlike other houses with two floors, the second floor area of this house is for recreation: Half of the space can be used as a terrace or a venue for parties and guests, together with some bedrooms for the family. You also have an option to turn it into a living space and to add more bedrooms into your dream house.

The main areas of this house is comprised of the living, dining, and cooking spaces. The designs are of unified pattern which suits both interiors and exteriors. The kitchen also comes with modern facilities and equipment, including several cabinets to store your kitchen knick knacks and pantry essentials.

There are four bedrooms in this double story house. Each bedrooms are arranged by ensuring that the occupants have maximum space. The spaces are also designed to facilitate excellent lighting and ventilation. Two bedrooms also come with ensuite bathrooms too.

The second floor comes with a lot of ample rooms too: It has a bedroom with ensuite bathroom, a dining hall, a kitchen, and an open area as a veranda.

Check out the floor plan of this double story house from Home Pictures here: 

Do you like a bigger house or a smaller house with lower building costs? Whatever your choice will be, you will, for sure like our other plans!

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