Marcos urges Pres Duterte to create OFW Department

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos who is consistently on Top 10 in the 2019 senatorial race calls on President Rodrigo Duterte to push through with the creation of overseas Filipino workers (OFW) department that would cater to the needs and concerns of OFWs.

In an interview with Marcos uploaded by Jojo de Guzman on his Youtube channel on May 15, she reiterated that the president should fulfill his promise in 2016 that he is going to create an OFW department that will solely address OFW concerns.

This is a pressing need according to Marcos as she stressed that almost everyday many OFWs get into trouble at their workplaces and with the hands of their cruel and inconsiderate employers, sometimes resulting to severe physical abuse, maltreatment, rape, inhumane treatment, and even death.

In a news published by the Inquirer Marcos said, “There is no government agency solely focused on giving our OFWs the assistance they and their families direly need. Worse, there is no agency directly responsible for putting in place responsive policies that can secure the welfare of our OFWs in the long term.”

She acknowledges the fact that truly some of the OFW concerns are addressed by other agencies such as POEA, OWWA, DOLE, DH, and DFA but she said there is nothing better than creating a department that would specifically tackle OFWs’ needs.

She stressed that the creation of OFW department should be done very soon to protect OFWs and to address OFW concerns such as repatriation, legal aid, financial literacy, post-deployment retraining for other jobs, OFW families, OFW security, and other concerns.

The Manila Times published that Marcos is proposing that there should be an agency that extends financial assistance to OFWs like the AFPSLAI, Inc. that will be provided with a grant by the government for financial and credit assistance to all OFWs and their families. – LMI



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