Lesbian OFW in UK was cheated on and scammed millions by her girlfriend and cancelled their wedding

The most efficient way of building relationships and fostering communication are the social networking sites or the social media. With the use of the internet, people communicate with their loved ones through different social media sites like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Whatsapp, Viber, Hangout, and other networking sites.

The most popular of this website is Facebook. Zephoria published on their website that to date there are 2.38 billion Facebook users.  It has become the most influential networking site to bring people close to one another.   They make friends, fall in love and build relationships.

Many people claim that they found their lifetime partner through Facebook.  Many can attest to this statement.  Though there are successful relationships that start from Facebook, there are also those that fail and were not even called a relationship but scamming since the beginning.

The Facebook experience of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in United Kingdom (UK) in the person of Eva Berja, 50 years old, and owner of an online treatment page in Facebook, is said to be devastating and traumatic because her girlfriend she met on Facebook, Jelene Azote, 26 years old, had scammed her.

This is the version of the story of Eva Berja.  She met Jelene Azote as her patient in her online treatment site. Eva’s online treatment offers services like therapy for broken hearted, senior citizens, and other treatment services.  Jelene Azote was her patient.

Eva Berja, a confessed lesbian, admitted that she fell in love with Jelene Azote.  According to their story, they both loved each other until they planned for  their wedding.  Jelene was supposed to fly to UK for their wedding until matters went worst.  Eva found out that Jelene was cheating on her.

Eva said that she sent millions of money to Jelene out of love.  She was also supporting and financing Jelene’s parents’ business. Lately in March, she went to the Philippines to meet Jelene personally and had intimate moments with her.  Three days after Eva flew back to UK, she learned that Jelene was also having intimate moments with a certain ‘Efren’, Jelene’s new boyfriend.

Eva, asked her nephew, Wifredo Velasco, to go to Raffy Tulfo as her representative so that she may get hold of Jelene.  She wanted Jelene to make a public apology that she will post for three consecutive weeks on her Facebook account saying that she cheated on Eva Berja and that their wedding will no longer push through because of her cheating.

Jelene asked for Eva’s apology and willingly posted it on Eva’s account.  Eva did not ask her to return the money she has given her. – LMI

Source: Raffy Tulfo

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