Left to Beg and Fend For Herself: An Illegal Recruiter Promised a Job as a Domestic Helper For This Pinay

After falling victim of an illegal recruiter, Apple was left to fend for herself. [Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]

Every day, there are thousands of Filipinos who are leaving the country to migrate or to work. It is easy to see Filipinos in countries like the United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and the Middle East.

Each one of them has different reasons why they go and work in another country. Some are looking for opportunities abroad due to the competition and lack of work in the country. There are also others who are influenced by their families and friends who are working in another country.

However, the biggest reason why people choose to work in another country is because of better salary and benefits that they can get abroad. Some employers can offer you at least twice and even as much as four times the salary that you can get from the Philippines. This is the reason why one of our kababayans, Apple Endraca Ramos was convinced to work as a domestic helper in the foreign lands.

[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]

Deceived by an Illegal Recruiter

In a Facebook post shared by user Angel Joy, they saw Apple Endraca Ramos roaming in Sabah, Malaysia. When they talked to her, they were surprised to know that she was one of our unlucky kababayans who was deceived by illegal recruiters.

Apple was made believed that there is work waiting for her in Malaysia that’s why she followed everything that the recruiter told her to do. However, upon arrival in Malaysia, she was surprised to know that there is no job waiting for her and she was left to fend for herself.

[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]

Humihingi po ako ng tulong. Gusto ko na po umuwi sa Pilipinas.

Apple is currently staying at the house of her friend. She doesn’t have any Visa anymore too.

[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]
Watch the video here:

It is saddening to know that some of our kababayans are having a hard time abroad not because of foreigners but because of fellow Filipinos. Hopefully, our government can help Apple return to her family in the Philippines.

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