Korea offers more than 500 jobs to Filipinos and returning OFWs

Good news to all Filipinos and to all returning overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who want to work in Korea for there are job offerings that are available for anyone who is qualified.

South Korea, which is the home to international brands like Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors, and other global brands is opening its doors for OFWs who want to work in the said country.

Filipinos can work in different jobs like manufacturing, factory jobs, entertainment, engineering, and construction depending on their previous/ current work experience.

This good news has been confirmed lately in celebration of the bilateral relations between Korea and the Philippines. Korean and Filipino firms are indeed offering 500 jobs to all returning OFWs and new recruits who are qualified for the jobs.

Some of the jobs that were listed available for OFWs as needed by Korean companies are factory workers, machine operators, service crew, customer service representatives, and IT specialists.

In a job fair conducted in Makati City on May 25, there were at least 42 Korean companies that participated that started hiring applicants.

For returning OFWs, application is a lot easier because they may apply under the Employee Permit System, a government-to-government arrangement that allows small and medium Korean companies to hire foreign workers.

Dominique Tutay, Director of the Bureau of Local Employment said that the Philippines and Korea will help each other.  Korean companies in the Philippines will hire Filipinos. At the same time, Filipino companies will hire Koreans.

In an interview with Korean Ambassador to the Philippines, Dong-man Han, he said, “There are many returning [Filipino] workers from Korea. They are very dedicated and devoted that I am sure participating companies would want to employ them here in the Philippines.”

This job opening will help many interested Filipino applicants and returning OFWs to get employment abroad especially that the salary is a lot higher in Korea compared to what they can receive in the Philippines. For interested applicants, they may go to any branch office of POEA and ask for the Korean companies that are offering jobs and check with POEA the recruitment agencies that are government-credited.– LMI

Source: The Filipino Times

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