Just In: Two-Bedroom Single Story House

Are you in the look out for a single story house that you can call your forever home?

For some people, having your own home is a big achievement. Not only will you be able to call it your  very own home, having your dream house a reality means you are financially and socially independent.

However, if you are on a more limited budget, you might prefer having a single story house rather than a two story home. A one floor house doesn’t necessarily means it is small: It might have a more limited lot space, but it still has all the rooms that you and your family needs to live in comfort.

If you are looking for a one story home, you will surely love this house plan for today!

This single story house has a fresh concept: And it clearly shows on its exterior.

The walls are painted in white, with a wood finish, giving the whole home a modern yet clean feel to it. It also uses galvanized steel roofing with tile effect and pillars in front of the main door which adds to the overall fresh look that it wants to achieve.

There are several windows surrounding the whole home, complete with a secondary door at the back. There are also wall lights, which serves both for aesthetics and functionality, as its accent pieces.

From the main door, as you enter this single story home, the first thing that you will see is the living room, dining area, and kitchen. All of these areas are combined, which helps maximize the space and make the look more spacious as it normally is. Unlike other house plans, there are two separate areas in the kitchen: The preparation and the cooking areas. The area for the gas range, refrigerator, and pantry cabinet are separated from the sink. There is also a separate door leading to the service area at the back.

There are two bedrooms in this single story house. These rooms are spacious enough to fit a bed, a side table or a work table, and built-in cabinets. There’s also a wall to hang your television for entertainment.

Although there’s only one bathroom, it is strategically located between the two bedrooms and across the dining area for easy access.

Check out how strategic the floor plan of this single story house here:

Not only because it has only one floor does it mean that you will sacrifice on comfort. Since this one story home has all the rooms that you need, in a much more compact space, it is a great investment piece for you and the family.

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