Video Of Congressman John Bertiz Arguing With An OFW Sparks Anger Online

John Bertiz
John Bertiz is in hot water again after a video of him arguing with an OFW surfaced. [Image Credit: Bantay Nakaw Coalition / Facebook]

Congressman John Bertiz recently came into light and was caught in the middle of controversies after allegedly violating a lot of security protocols at the airport. The controversial politician was involved in certain issues and controversies after he was caught on camera neglecting a security officer at the NAIA Terminal 2 Domestic Departure.

A video of him was caught subsequently harassing a screening officer after being asked to remove his shoe and submit himself for security check-up. Netizens cannot help themselves but negatively comment about the congressman and demand for his resignation from the post.

But it seems that there are more controversies regarding Congressman John Bertiz.

[Image Credit: Rep. John Anaceto Bertiz / Facebook]

The Video Footage of Congressman John Bertiz

A video footage of the controversial politician arguing with an OFW spreader like wildfire after a Facebook page posted it online for everyone to see.

The politician became the headline again after Facebook pages began posting a video of him in the middle of an exchange of heated arguments with an OFW.

[Image Credit: Bantay Nakaw Coalition / Facebook]

Argument Between the Congressman and an OFW

In the said video uploaded by Bantay Nakaw Coalition, Congressman John Bertiz can be seen arguing with an OFW. They were discussing the issues regarding recruitment agencies and how these agencies should be handling OFWs.

[Image Credit: Bantay Nakaw Coalition / Facebook]
The OFW was defending the lives of OFWs who are suffering in other countries. According to him, Congressman John Bertiz also owns an agency and instead of discussing the welfare of the overseas workers, he’s with the benefit of the offices sending the workers to suffering.

Meanwhile, the congressman stated that there’s no problem with his agency and he’s in Hong Kong to represent 10 Million people. He also added that without an agency, OFWs will not arrive in other countries to work.

[Image Credit: Bantay Nakaw Coalition / Facebook]

Owns a Big Recruitment Firm?

According to Bantay Nakaw Coalition, John Bertiz owns Global Asia Alliance Consultant Inc., a big recruitment agency that sends OFWs in different parts of the world.

After watching the said video, netizens cannot help but show their distrust to the controversial congressman. A lot of them are calling out the resignation of John Bertiz.

Watch the video here:


What can you say about this video of Congressman John Bertiz? What do you feel after watching the video?

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