Jobless Filipina in Abu Dhabi wins lotto

God makes a way for those who have faith and trust Him. The story of Remedius Bombon, a jobless Filipina in Abu Dhabi is another proof that God makes miracles and sends blessings when we most need them.

Remedius Bombon, OFW in Abu Fhabi wins AED333,333 in Abu Dhabi lotto.

“I had AED50. This is the last money. I will try. All the numbers I chose is my birthday and my kids’ birthday. I told God only four numbers is enough for me,” Bombon said in an interview with her posted on Youtube.  She was one of the lucky winners of the AED1-million prize in the lotto draw in Abu Dhabi on May 16.


Bombon is living in Abu Dhabi for seven (7) years. She first worked as a house maid for three years then quit her job to work as a housekeeping attendant. With the Covid-19, business and schools stopped operating which led to her being jobless.

In her interview, she was teary-eyed recalling how she was thinking to pay her apartment in Abu Dhabi and how could she send money to her family in the Philippines. She has three kids and a paralyzed husband who is on medication.

She also recalled how painful to have lost her mother who went blind for being diabetic. She related how her mother was unable to recognize her as her daughter because she was blind until she passed away. it was such a debilitating experience for Bombon.

She said that the AED50 she bet in the lotto was her last money. She prayed to God first before choosing her numbers asking for only four numbers. And she chose her birthday and her kids’ birthday. And indeed, those four lucky numbers made her one of the winners of the AED1 million. Her share of the prize amounts to AED333,333 or that is equivalent to more or less 4.6 million Philippine pesos.

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