Japan’s new visa system opens more job opportunities

Working abroad has always been the dream of many Filipinos for the very reason that they can earn a whopping salary and can give their families a better kind of life.  But is it really true that working abroad pays higher than working in the Philippines?

Well, maybe not because there are countries that offer lower salaries than other countries.  A survey of ads for jobs in Asia and the Middle East found that foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong get the highest salary rate compared to other Asian countries, however, that salary is just a fraction of what they would make if they worked in wealthier countries like Australia or France as reported by Arab News.

In relation to this, more employment is waiting for foreign workers in Japan as a new visa system was launched recently by the Japanese government that makes it a lot easier for foreign workers to apply for two types of resident status which allows more job opportunities for any foreign worker.

The new immigration policy gives a bigger chance to skilled foreigners to look for better jobs because their resident status will allow them to work a specific job that needs special skills.

To make this news available to all, Japan’s Justice Ministry’s Immigration Bureau was upgraded to an agency to be able to supervise and implement the revised immigration law. An Immigration Services Agency signboard was then unveiled.

The report said that the agency now has a workforce of more than 5,400.

The main goal of Minister Takashi Yamashita is to manage immigration and resident guidelines to protect Japan’s safety.

Shoko Sasaki, the Chief of the Immigration Services Agency, stressed that it is a “major challenge” to manage the comprehensive role of coordinating a society in which the Japanese live side by side with the non-Japanese people.

Source: GMA News

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