Husband of an OFW in Qatar Uses Her Money for Gambling and Women; Threatens to Kill Her Parents if She Will Not Send Money

After her sacrifices and heart ache, an OFW in Qatar is now living happily. [Image Credit: Keana Ocija/Facebook]

Working abroad means a lot of sacrifices. Other than being away from your family and loved ones, it also means not being with them during special occasions and events.

It is not uncommon for us to hear people telling their own stories about their husbands or wives being unfaithful since they are working abroad. Some of them don’t have an idea that their family is starting to shatter already. However, for the love of their families, they choose to accept the infidelity of their partners.

Like what happened to one of our OFW in Qatar.

[Image Credit: Keana Ocija/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Keana Ocija/Facebook]

Sacrificing for the Family

An OFW in Qatar, Keana Ocija, turned to Facebook to share her own story. According to her, she chooses to work overseas because she wants to give a better life to her son. Her husband is not working for the family and just choose to gamble to feed them. If he wins, they can it. If not, they will just sleep with empty stomachs.

Like other OFWs, working abroad for Ocija is not easy. She had to sacrifice and make all ends meet because she is sending money both to her mother and her husband. However, she learned that her husband started to gamble again, turn to drugs, and even had a mistress. He is always fighting with Ocija every time she cannot send the money on time.

When she went back to the Philippines, she was shocked to know that all the money she’s sending were wasted.

[Image Credit: Keana Ocija/Facebook]

Calm After the Storm

She gave her husband another chance and flew back to Qatar for the second time to work again. She sent money to her husband again, after being promised that it will be used for their house. However, according to her son, her husband only bought six pieces of galvanized metal for roofing.

After just a week, her husband asked money again for his driver’s license. Although she sent money to him already, he kept on asking for more and if she will not send him funds, he will kill her family.

This is the time when Ocija decided to cut all ties with her husband. With the help of her family, they asked the police’s help. Her employers were also there to give her moral support. She decided to save more money and learn how to budget.

After four years of working as an OFW in Qatar, she was able to build a house for her son. She also invested her money and now owns a lot of properties.

[Image Credit: Keana Ocija/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Keana Ocija/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Keana Ocija/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Keana Ocija/Facebook]

There is always calm after the storm. Even if she is already separated from her husband, Ocija proved that you can still be successful after all the sufferings you experienced.

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