Hello Kitty Inspired Two-Bedroom House

Are you a cartoon character fan?

Do you often add a cartoon character item in your home? Maybe a piece of commemorative mug or a poster on your wall.

While other people enjoy adding little trinkets on their home, there are also others who prefer larger statement pieces: Like for this house plan for today, a Hello Kitty house.

Hello Kitty is a popular cartoon character for the young and the old. She can be seen on shirts, mugs, posters, pans, plates, and even school supplies. But if you want to take the fandom to a whole new level, why don’t you add her images as a baseline for your house?

This Hello Kitty themed house is a sight to behold. It’s a one story house complete with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living area, and a garage.

The interior of this house is designed with a huge Hello Kitty statue in front of the home. The colors are also inspired by the famous feline: The walls are painted with pink, matched with white, wood, and brick accent walls.

This house also comes with a roofed garage that can fit a family car. When not in use, you can also convert it as a veranda or a lanai.

Upon entering the house’s he first area that you will find is the combined living room, dining area, and kitchen. Since there’s a limited floor space, these three areas are combined to maximize the space that you have without making the area look very busy and cramped.

The kitchen is fully functional and comes with all the equipment that you need: It has a space for a refrigerator, a gas range, and even a dishwasher. Since the dining room is a few steps away, it is easy to access the kitchen or serve food. There is also a door, which can be used as a secondary entry door to the house, which will lead you to the service or laundry area at the back.


The common toilet and bath is strategically located: It’s across from the dining area and in between the two bedrooms.

The two bedrooms are small yet it has ample space for everything. It can fit a large bed, a build-in cabinet, and a side table. You can also place a TV on the wall.

Check out the floor plan of this Hello Kitty house here:

If you’ll choose, which cartoon character would you want to inspire you with this house?

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REFERENCE: CREATIVE Lhina Tistic / Youtube

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