Handsome OFW raped, mutilated, and killed video going viral is fake

There is a video that has gone viral on Youtube when it was uploaded on Friday, October 11.  The video was uploaded from Paulo Sanchez Youtube Channel with the title,  “OFW [overseas Filipino worker] sa Saudi Arabia, Pinatay, Tinanggalan pa ng Mata at Lamang-Loob pag katapos Gahasain.” (OFW in Saudi Arabia was killed, mutilated, after being raped).

A similar video with a title, “OFW SA SAUDI ARABIA pinatay, tinanggalan ng MATA ata LAMANG LOOB” uploaded by Kuletz TV on October 10, 2019 is also gaining views, 6,581 views as of writing. Check the video below.  It just contains photos but no clear and verified story.

The videos only contain photos of a young man alongside a photo of a naked body, suggesting that the man was the one who was killed. However, the young man on the photo is not the man who was killed!

Rappler wrote that the channel Paulo Sanchez has 20 subscribers only, but said video has gained 113, 203 views after it was posted on October 11. It was posted on Facebook as well and has gained a lot of reactions, comments, and shares according to CrowdTangle.

The news report in the video is real.  The OFW in Saudi Arabia who was killed was identified as Lemuel Lansangan 39 years old who was brutally killed by an unidentified suspect on December 8, 2018 in Saudi Arabia.  His eyes were removed, and his internal organs were also taken out from him. OFW Newsbeat posted this news on April 14, 2019, which was originally aired by  GMA Regional TV and GMA News. The original video can be seen here:


GMA News did not show Lansangan’s face in their video preview image and his photo in the report did not match the one used by the Kuletz TV and Paulo Sanchez channel.

Rappler clarified that a Google reverse image search shows that the man in the Paulo Sanchez and Kuletz TV’s  thumbnail is actually an OFW and vlogger based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The OFW and vlogger said that he had been receiving messages telling him about the videos of his “death” going viral.  He clarified that he is still alive and that the photos used in the fake videos were taken in 2017.

The original video news report as originally uploaded by GMA did not mention anything about Lansangan being raped before he was killed.


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