A Group of Saudi Arabian National Takes Away the Money of an OFW and Stabbed Him Multiple Times

[Image Credit: Balitang OFW's / Facebook]
An OFW was stabbed several times by Saudi Arabian youths. [Image Credit: Balitang OFW's / Facebook]

Overseas Filipino Workers are known as the pride of the country. They are praised because of their never-ending sacrifices not only for their families but also for the Philippines. Many of our kababayans are moving and working in another country to bring food to their families tables and to give their spouses and children a more comfortable life.

Especially since the graduation season is here, we can’t help but feel sorry and sad for our Filipino workers. Many of them are willing to make huge sacrifices and are willing to be away from their families to send their children to schools. Some of them cannot see their children marching with their togas on because they are working in another country.

However, there is recent news about a growing number of our modern day heroes facing dangers at some point in their lives from working abroad. Some of them are facing physical abuse while there are others are suffering from diseases. One of them is Marlon Go.

OFW Hold Up in Riyadh

According to a Facebook page Balita OFW’s, Marlon Go, an OFW from Cavite, was about to go back to his boarding house in Rabwah Exit 15, Riyadh, at around 12:30 AM when he was held up by four younger Saudi nationals. Not only did they took away his money, he was stabbed four times and was hit with a tube pipe on the head.

[Image Credit: Balitang OFW's / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Balitang OFW’s / Facebook]

Hospitalized For Several Days

After taking his 300 Riyals, he was hospitalized for several days. Along with the money, they took his wallet which contains his IQAMA and insurance card.

Fortunately, the staff in the hospital was able to help him immediately. Since there are many Filipino nurses in Riyadh Care Hospital and their board mates are there to help him, he was able to survive the injuries.

[Image Credit: Balitang OFW's / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Balitang OFW’s / Facebook]
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According to some OFWs, there are many Saudi Arabian youths who treat Filipinos like this. Always be alert whenever you go outside during the early hours of the morning.

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