Good Samaritan: Kind-Hearted Taxi Driver From Saudi Arabia Returns the Items of the Three Arrested OFWs

A taxi driver from Saudi Arabia did not take interest in the arrested OFWs’ belongings. [Image Credit: Nilo L. Bejasa/Facebook]

Let’s face it: it can be hard to meet a foreigner who we don’t know who will immediately show us kindness and honesty, especially if that person is a public transportation driver.

There are different horror and sad stories of public transportation drivers who are showing dishonesty and even do hard to their passengers. Some of them are announcing holdups in the middle of the ride while there are others who will charge sky-high fares especially if they know that you are a first-timer in the foreign land.

A Good Samaritan

Luckily, the spirit of Christmas is strong and it helped three Overseas Filipino Workers meet a very honest and good-willed taxi driver.

In a Facebook post of Nilo L. Bejasa, another OFW in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a kind driver named Usman in North Riyadh, Yasmin, Al-Aredh Area, showed his trunk full of new pieces of luggage, shoes, groceries, and gift items. These items were owned by three OFWs who rode with him last December 24.

[Image Credit: Nilo L. Bejasa/Facebook]

According to Usman, these three OFWs asked him to take them to the back side of the Panda/Yasmen area. However, when they reached the checkpoint in Salman Road, the Saudi Arabia police decided to capture the three OFWs.

As Bejasa explained, these OFWs only have a photocopy of their passport and not the physical ones. Based on the comments of the OFWs working in Riyadh, copies of passports are not allowed. Most overseas workers are required to show their physical passport as well as their Iqama to show that they are legally working in Saudi Arabia.

[Image Credit: Saudi Expat News]

Search For the Three OFWs

Because of the kind-heartedness of the driver, he did not take interest in the goods and decided to look for the OFWs. Since there is no identification indicated in the items, it is taking the driver too much time to look for the arrested OFW.

Bejasa is now seeking the help of other Filipino workers in Riyadh to look for the three OFWs so they can acquire their items who are all brand new.

[Image Credit: Nilo L. Bejasa/Facebook]

If you know one of these OFWs, please send a message to Nilo L. Bejasa on Facebook. Let’s continue to spread the word until it reaches the respective individuals.

Kudos to the kind-hearted and honest Usman, too.

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