Former OFW Who Experienced Hardship Because of a Fellow Filipino Received Unexpected Blessings

Fomer OFW Cindy Tabucol got her chance on luck during the Juan For All, All for Juan segment of Eat Bulaga. [Image Credit: Eat Bulaga/Youtube]
Fomer OFW Cindy Tabucol got her chance on luck during the Juan For All, All for Juan segment of Eat Bulaga. [Image Credit: Eat Bulaga/Youtube]

A lot of Overseas Filipino Worker’s lives changed after the family member goes abroad to work. There are some OFWs who succeeded in life and made their lives, as well as their family’s lives, better after working in another country.

However, not all OFWs found their luck abroad. Some of them experienced being maltreated and abused and there are also others who were not able to get the success they are aiming before.

The common thing about Filipinos who are seeking employment abroad is that they want to find the greener pastures to provide for their family and give them a better life. A lot of people seek employment in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE where abuse is very rampant. Being in an unknown territory with a very different culture from us is already a shock to our modern day heroes but how much more if the fellow Filipino, whom you thought can help you, is the one who’s dragging you down?

Experience From a Kababayan

That is exactly what happened to a former OFW in Kuwait.

Cindy Tabucol, aged 36, tried to seek her lunch in the Middle East. The first three months of her work was fine until a colleague of hers, who is also a Filipino, went on vacation. After her colleague went on vacation, she noticed that her employer is already acting oddly towards her.

In many instances, she became angry at her easily. She immediately thought that her colleague said something bad about her. She experienced being slapped and spat by her employer. Until she cannot take it anymore, she informed her husband, who immediately went to POEA to report her situation. She is now in the Philippines and with her family.

Luck With Something Unexpected

Although Tabucol did not find her fortune by working abroad, she found a luck from the noontime show “Eat Bulaga!” During the Juan For All, All for Juan segment of the show, she was luckily chosen and received gifts from the Dabarkads.

Even if her cash winnings were not huge, it can already help her and her family. She can use the cash to start a business that can give a better future for the family.

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Sometimes, the people whom we are expecting to help us are the ones who are dragging us down. Hopefully, these situations will stop already.


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