Filipino Domestic Helper in Kuwait Rescued from Abusive Employer

A Filipino domestic helper suffered from abuse from her male employer. [Image Credit: GMA]

What will you do if one of your loved ones are suffering from abuse from his or her employer? In what way do you think you will be able to rescue the person if that person is miles away from you?

The good thing about technology is that with just a few clicks, you will be able to get information and help.

A Filipino domestic worker currently working in Kuwait was recently rescued by government officials from the Philippines after receiving reports that she is being abused and starved by her male employer.

The Overseas Filipino Worker’s aunt in the Philippines, Jane Continente, reported her case directly to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration. According to Continente, her niece went to Kuwait to work as a domestic worker.

The Issue

The odds were not on the side of the Filipino domestic worker. After arriving in Kuwait, her male employer already started beating her after learning that she is contacting her family. She was locked in the house and was only fed once a day. Her mobile phone and other forms of contact were cut-off by her male employer too.

The staffs of OWWA were able to locate the OFW and organized a way for her to be rescued. 

Taken for Immediate Help

When they rescued and managed to talk to the domestic helper, she also revealed that the man who employed her did not only abused her, but also the people around him. According to the conversation, he also beaten his wife.

The administrator of OWWA, Hans Cacdac, said that the Filipino domestic helper will be taken to a hospital in Kuwait for immediate medical attention.

After the Department of Labor and Employment and President Duterte ordered that there will be a ban on sending domestic helpers to the Philippines, a lot of people protested. However, it looks like the Administrative Order was right because a lot of our Kababayans are suffering from abuse.

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