Filipina caregiver faces charges for holding her employer’s penis

While other overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are fighting their own battles, a certain domestic helper in Hong Kong named Ivy B.R. is also struggling to win her own.

Ivy was accused by her female employer, H.S. Wong of indecently assaulting her late “semi-paralyzed” husband and that she was holding her husband’s penis while she changed his diaper. She was charged with common assault and indecent assault, after she allegedly hit Wong’s bed-ridden husband with a plastic stool and touched his penis.

Wong hired Ivy in 2017 to take care of her husband who was paralyzed after suffering from a stroke in 2016.  He could not eat, speak, or walk and needed a caregiver who could take care of him, which Ivy did.   He later died in August last year.

A CCTV footage of the incident was shown in court where Ivy was seen “lightly hitting” Wong’s husband’s right hand and holding his penis while she cleaned the lower part of his body and changed his diaper. The alleged incident happened in the morning of June 30, 2018 inside the complainant’s flat along King’s Road in North Point according to the prosecution.

Ivy’s lawyer said that she had to “lightly hit” Wong’s husband’s right hand to remind him not to pick up his feces and she had to touch his penis to clean him and change his diaper.  Wong admitted before the Eastern Magistrate Court that she agreed that Ivy will hold her husband’s sex organ because that was part of her job and she trusted Ivy well.

During the questioning in court, Wong had admitted that she would also lightly hit her husband’s hand with the stool because he sometimes spread his feces on his bed. She also said that she had to tie his hands to prevent him from playing with and spreading his feces on the bed because if it would happen the entire home would smell bad.

Wong earlier testified that her husband wrote in a note that Ivy “bullied” him and “gave him feces to eat” and so she had to install a CCTV camera in the sitting room where her husband was.  Ivy, however, denied that accusation saying, “Why would I do that?”

The Hong Kong’s Crimes Ordinance stipulates that a person convicted of indecent assault may be sentenced up to 10 years of imprisonment. Those convicted of common assault face up to one year of imprisonment as provided by the city’s Offences Against the Person Ordinance.

As of posting, Ivy is not convicted but her trials continue until a decision is made.

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