Female OFW From Sultan Kudarat Who Was Raped by Her Employer, Not Allowed to Board the Plane

The female OFW was not allowed to board the plane.

Seeing our loved ones who have been away for several years is a dream come true. Gone are the days when we will talk to them via Skype or Facebook Messenger or count the days when we will physically see them again.

However, not all grand reunions are happy ones.

As we all know, a lot of our kababayans are suffering in other countries from the abuse from their employers. Instead of coming home happily to their families, they come home with broken pride and dreams, with no more will to live.

Stopped Over

A female OFW from Riyadh was supposedly coming home to her family in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat from her host country when she was not allowed to board the plane. The female OFW, Asnia Domato Rashid, was scheduled to fly back to the Philippines when Philippine Airlines did not allow.

According to a post of a concerned netizen named Lanie Mendoza Ap-apid, Rashid was not allowed by the airlines to board the plane because she was raped by her employer and she needs to go to the hospital and have herself examined by a specialist.

Based on the video that Ap-apid posted, Rashid can be seen not speaking any words — even words of protest. She does not have the ability to speak well after the abuse she experienced in Riyadh. She can be seen in a daze and is sickly looking.

Issues With the Airline?

The female OFW, according to Ap-apid, does not have any money left for her own. Since she quit her job as a domestic helper in Kuwait, she did not receive her salary anymore.

There is no official statement from Philippine Airlines yet as to why they decided to hold the OFW first. But for sure, they just want the OFW to be throughly checked up to avoid issues with her health.

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